Fix Debian 9 Upgrade apt-get update freezes and stops [0% Working]

Since our last dist-upgrade from Debian 8 Wheezy to Debian 9 Stretch, we’ve encountered quite a few new issues. By issues, I am referring to incompatibilities with any manual changes that I have made to my PC.

Most of the repositories that I have manually added have to be manually adjusted from wheezy to stretch. After that, we tried the usual sudo apt-get update and it never completed it’s course.

Stuck on 0% [Working]?

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https

This one line solved the 0% Working issue where the package list downloading would hang and become stuck on Debian 9.

One thought on “Fix Debian 9 Upgrade apt-get update freezes and stops [0% Working]”

  1. Wish I had found YOU GUYS sooner, thank you for the instant return to sanity with the above command…

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