FrameBuffer Error in Ryzen 5 & VEGA AMD Graphics and CPU

This error is reproducible in Debian 10 Buster as of time of writing on new L340 Ideapad and Thinkpad laptops by Lenovo.

With a 2019 Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, or Ryzen 7 AMD CPU Laptop with inbuilt Radeon Vega AMD Graphics card, you will encounter a FrameBuffer error on upgrading Debian 9 to Debian 10.

If you upgrade to Debian 10 on one of these distros, you may lose xorg functionality. It may have something to do with nvidia. dffgfg

From what I understand, Debian 10 does not yet have the kernel drivers required for the 2019 Ryzen CPU combined GPU. Adding nomodeset to the GRUB boot option does not solve the issue.

Debian 9 works fine, Debian 10 gives a FrameBuffer EE please specify all busid error.

Solution? Wait for kernel updates or install another distro

Need immediate access? You can probably still boot into Debian and if you see a blinking underscore cursor, press Ctrl+Alt F1 or Ctrl+Alt F5 to get a console under tty5 or tty6.

Then you’ll need to connect to WiFi or Ethernet.

If you need to make bootable USB devices, use either dd method or Etcher command line version.

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