Ctrl + Click Not Opening Links In New Tab Fix: Middle Click Without Mouse Debian/Ubuntu

Some javascript based websites were hogging my click actions and opening links that I wanted to open in new tabs in the same window/tab.

Since I prefer using the track-pad now, I wanted a fast solution to either middle mouse click on links to open in new windows or a way to rapidly right click, open in new tab.

An awesome solution I am currently using is as follows:

xdotool is a fake keyboard & mouse input program that you can emulate clicks via the terminal.

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Open keyboard settings and find Application Shortcuts.

Add new shortcut with the following command:

xdotool click 2

For the keys, I chose:

Left Crtl + Windows key (<Primary>Super_L)

Now, when I want to open links in a new tab, I simply move my mouse and hover over links and while holding left Ctrl, I tap the left Windows key.

It’s actually much faster than middle clicking and it allows me to rapidly tap the windows key while hovering over a page full of links.